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Eight Important Mahakshetrams or Sacred Places in Telugu Culture

The eight places where Bhagvan Srihari Vishnu appeared are considered as Mahakshetrams or sacred places in Telugu Culture and by many Vaishnava communities in South India. The eight sacred places are all located in India.
Please note that these are temples but sacred places. The entire region is considered sacred.
The Eight Mahakshetrams or Sacred Places are
Srirangam Srimushnam Naimisam Pushkaram Salagamadri Thothadri (Mangalagiri) Narayanasramam Venkatadri (Tirupati)
Please note that this list is as per South India Vaishnava sects. It is not applicable in other regions and to other Hindu communities.
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Shangchul Temple – Ancient Hindu Temple in Himachal Pradesh Believed to be Built by Pandavas Destroyed in Fire

Shangchul temple at Patahara village in the Shanghad valley in Kullu District was destroyed in fire. It was one of the oldest temples in Himachal Pradesh and was believed to have been built by Pandavas. Villagers had renovated the temple last year. Times of India reports  Patahara village is accessible only after one hour of uphill climb from Ropa or Neuli village, 8 km beyond Sainj town. As fire tenders cannot reach the village, villagers had not contacted the fire department. Sources said the nearest fire station is in Kullu and fire tenders take at least 2 hours to reach Sainj town.

Kullu deputy commissioner Rakesh Kanwar said property worth crores of rupees is estimated to have been destroyed in the fire which destroyed the ancient temple of Shangchul Maharaj and three houses. Nearly 20 idols mostly made of ashtadhatu along with jewellery and relics of the temple were also destroyed.

Regional sub-divisional magistrate has been asked to investigate the reasons behind the fire. Acc…

Vakya Vritti Quotes

I bow down to that Pure Consciousness Divine – a shore less ocean of happiness, which is All-pervading (Vishnu), the Beloved of Shri, the all-knowing Lord of the Universe, assuming endless forms and yet ever-free, having an inscrutable power to become (apparently) the Cause of creation, maintenance, and dissolution of the universe.
Who else can be the individual Self (Jiva) other than yourself, that asks me this question, “Who am I ?”. There is no doubt about it. You alone are the Brahman.
Just as the perceiver of a pot is ever distinctly different from the pot and can never be the pot – so too, you, the perceiver of your body, are distinct from your body and can never be the body – this you firmly ascertain in yourself.
Similarly be sure that you are not the complex of the gross and the subtle-bodies, and intelligently determine, by inference, that you, the ‘seer’, are entirely distinct from the ‘seen’.
 ‘I am He’, the One because of whose presence alone the inert entities like the …