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Sravana Vratham Procedure – How to observe Sravana Vratham or Fasting on Sravana Nakshatram day

Sravana Vratham fasting is observed by Vaishnava devotees. It is quite similar to Ekadasi fast. Here is a brief description of Sravana Vratham Procedure. The fast is observed monthly on the Sravana Nakshatram day.

The fasting is for a whole day from sunrise to next day sunrise – this is only for healthy people.

Older people and those who have various medical conditions should not observe the strict fast. Such people should eat fruits and other Vrat foods or opt for partial fasting.

One should try to observe silence while observing the Vratham.

Importance should be given to meditation.

The two important prayers that should be chanted on the day are Sri Vishnu Sahasranamam or Pancha Sooktham.

The fast should be broken next day during sunrise after offering nivedhyam. The fast should be broken by taking some liquid diet.

All the rules associated with Ekadashi fasting should be followed for Sravana Vratham.

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