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Shukracharya and Vamana Incarnation of Lord Vishnu – How Shukra Acharya Lost his One Eye?

Shukracharya was the son of Sage Bhrigu and he was also the guru and priest of the Demons or Asuras. Shukracharya was blind in one eye. He had lost his one eye to Vamana the dwarf incarnation of Lord Vishnu. There is an interesting story which explains how Shukra Acharya lost his one eye in the Puranas.

When Lord Vishnu appeared as Lord Vamana in the yajna or the sacrifice ground of King Bali, Shukracharya sensed an impending danger. Shukracharya warned King Bali that this dwarf was no ordinary human being but it was Sri Hari Vishnu in disguise.

But King Bali was pleased to make any offering that the little Vamana asked. He said to King Bali that what more can I achieve when God Sri Hari Vishnu is standing before me and asking for Dhana (gift).

King Bali readily agreed to give the three steps of land that was asked by Vamana.

Now it was the duty of the head priest (Shukracharya) to read the mantras and pour water from the vessel to ratify the dhana.

To deny the Dhana, Shukracharya entered the vessel and blocked the water from flowing from the vessel’s sprout. Vishnu, who was aware of this trick, put a straw in the vessel’s spout and this entered the eye of Shukracharya and thus blinding him. Unable to bear the pain, Shukracharya moved out of the vessel’s sprout and thus the Dhana was ratified.

Soon King Bali did the sankalpa and agreed to the three steps of land as asked by Vamana.

Soon, the short roopa of Vamana grew in size – so huge that it was impossible to describe in words – to be called as Trivikrama roopa.

With his first step, Vamana covered all of Earth. His second step covered all of the Sky. There was no place for the third step and King Bali offered his head.

Vamana sent Bali to Patalaloka or Underworld.

He was also given the boon that he will be allowed to rule the entire universe for one day in a year and on that day he can visit the earth.