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Griha Lakshmi – Hindu Goddess Grihalakshmi

Grih Lakshmi, or Grahalakshmi, is a popular form of Goddess Lakshmi and she is the goddess of the household or home. Every Hindu believes that Griha Lakshmi is residing in the house and it is she who brings peace and prosperity. In several Hindu communities, daughter-in-law is considered as Graha Lakshmi.

There is a popular belief that Griha Lakshmi does not reside in a house that is unclean and in which, there is no peace among family members. It is said that once she leaves a home, then violence, frustration, despair and anger rules in it. When she is present at a home there is love, peace and prosperity.

There are numerous regional stories that details about Griha Lakshmi leaving a house and the house getting doomed. And how the members in the family try to bring back the Goddess by doing penance.

But the most popular concept in Hinduism is the daughter-in-law being considered as Griha Lakshmi. This is primarily because it is through her that the family will prosper and she is one who will be giving birth to next generation. The arrival of daughter in law is considered as good fortune and is celebrated differently in different cultures.

Some communities count Griha Lakshmi among the Ashta Lakshmis.