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Parrot in Hinduism – Parakeet as Vehicle or Vahana of Hindu Gods

Parrot in Hinduism is the Vahana or vehicle of Kamadev and his consort Rati. It is Parakeet that is associated with Hindu tradition – but the general term used is parrot. Goddess Meenakshi (Parvati) at the world famous Madurai Meenakshi Temple is depicted holding a parrot in her right hand. The bird is also associated with Goddess Andal, the Tamil poet and saint, and the foremost devotee of Sri Ranganatha (Vishnu).

Kamadev is depicted as riding a parrot. Atop the parrot he is shown as taking aim with his bow made from sugarcane and arrows of flowers. It is believed that it is his arrows that instigate sexual desire in human beings.

Parrots are also used in India by astrologers to predict future. The caged parrots are taught to pick cards and it is then used to tell fortune. Animal rights activists and bird lovers have opposed this practice of clipping the wings of birds and keeping them caged.