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Ashwathama in Mahabharata – Why He Is Still Alive?

Ashwathama is one among the seven Chiranjeevis (without death) mentioned in the Puranas – as a result of curse by Sri Krishna he still alive and roams on earth with a body full of oozing warts. Ashwathama is the son of Drona and Kripi. He got the name Ashwathama as he cried like a horse when he was born.

At the end of the Mahabharata war only Ashwathama, Kripar and Krittivarma survived. Before dying, Duryodhana made Ashwathama the leader of the Kauravas. He promised Duryodhana that he will kill all the Pandavas.

That night Ashwathama walked into the tent of the Pandvas and killed all the sons of Pandavas and set the camp on fire.

Arjuna and Bhima went after Ashwathama to kill him. On seeing them approaching he used the Brahmastra which had the power to cause massive destruction.

Arjuna also used his Brahmastra to vanquish Ashwathama.

If the two brahmastras collide it will be the end of the world. All the saints who witnessed the battle requested Arjuna and Aswhathama to take back the Brahmastra.

Sri Krishna agreed to take back the Brahmastra released by Arjuna.

But Ashwathama did not know how to retrieve a Brahmastra. Blinded by hatred and vengeance, he directed it towards the womb of Uttara who was pregnant with the child of Abhimanyu. This was the only child left in the family of the Pandavas.

The fetus was protected by Sri Krishna and therefore it did not have any harm.

But for his evil acts, Sri Krishna cursed Ashwathama to roam around the world with oozing warts.