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What is Yantra in Hinduism?

In Hindu religion, Yantra is a geometric composition used as a tool in meditation. It belongs to the Hindu Tantric tradition especially to the Shakti cult. Yantra is also the visual representation of the deity – Shiva Shakti.

The Sanskrit word Yantra is derived from two words – the root ‘yam’ and ‘trana.’ ‘Yan’ means representing ‘the essence of a concept’ and ‘tra’ means ‘liberation from bondage.’ Once the geometric form is composed, it becomes the symbolic representation of Devi or Shakti.

The most important part in a Yantra is the Bindu, the point in the center of a Yantra, which represents the supreme consciousness.

 When the word Bindu or point is used in the Yantra, it has a very wide meaning and application. The Bindu is the first and foremost step in the physical visualization of Brahman, the formless. 

Everything else is the extension of the Bindu or the point.
There are several different types of Yantra and the most famous one is the Sri Yantra. Yantras are mainly associated with the Shakta tradition. There are also astrological Yantras.

Creating a Yantra requires patience, discipline and concentration. For example, a Sri Yantra consists of nine interwoven isosceles triangles four pointing upwards and five pointing downwards. The nine triangles are arranged in such a way that they produce 43 small triangles. At the center of this complex geometric composition is the ‘Bindu.’ Apart from this the Sri Yantra has several outer rings.

Hymns related to the drawing of Yantra can be found in the Atharva Veda, Saundaryalahari and other ancient texts.

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Yantra is nothing but an attempt to give a visual representation to the Supreme Being. But what is of great interest is the highly developed mathematical knowledge that our ancestors had in creating such accurate geometrical patterns.