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Tamil New Year Kolam Designs - Puthandu Kolam - Tamil Varsha Pirappu Rangoli Designs

Kolams or Rangoli are an integral part of any Tamil festival. Each festival has a special kolam dedicated to it. And for New Year, or Varsha Pirappu, the most preferred kolam is the Vilakku kolam. ‘Vilaku’ means lamp and in the Kolam design lamps of various shapes play a prominent part.
Here are few pictures of simple Tamil New Year kolam designs. The designs are hand drawn and then scanned so the quality is poor and the photos are primarily meant to give an idea to draw different kolams.

Click on the image for a larger view.


What to do on Tamil New Year?

Ishvara Gita on How to Obtain Supreme State of Happiness

The invisible state of god is not denoted by any external indication; but when he manifests himself, then is light an indication of his divine being.
Divine knowledge, also, is another indication; for those who acquire it become acquainted with my real nature; and there is no other means by which I can be known.
Ignorance, therefore, is that darkness of understanding which creates a belief in the existence of this Maya-produced universe; but knowledge is pure brightness which dispels illusion and reveals the true nature of spirit.
Those, consequently, who learn to behold unity in diversity; to believe in this essential truth, that there is one god alone and no other; and to know that their own souls are that god, are liberated from the bonds of transitory existence, and obtain the most blessed of all states, identification with my essence: for I am that one god, without beginning, middle, or end; and whoever knows me, Ishwara, Mahadeva, to be that sole, supreme, and ineffably happy g…