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Story – How Akroor Was Forced By Kansa To Invite Sri Krishna to Mathura?

When all the attempts to kill Krishna at Gokul, Vrindavan and Nandgaon failed, Kamsa was advised by his ministers to invite him to Mathura. They wanted to kill him at Mathura in a wrestling match. But Kamsa was sure that Krishna will not accept an invitation by him. So he decided to depute Akroor to invite Krishna. In fact Akroor was forced to invite Sri Krishna.

It was decided to perform a religious festival called Dhanush Yagya – Bow sacrifice. In the festival, wrestlers from Mathura and nearby regions were invited. The idea was to get Krishna killed by a wrestler.

Kamsa informs Akroor that he must go an invite Krishna to the Dhanush Yajna.

But Akroor realizes that the festival is just a pretext to trap and kill Krishna.

So he informs Kamsa that he will not invite Krishna to the festival and walks out of the court. Kamsa knew that Akroor was the only person whose invitation Krishna will not reject. So he could not use force on Akroor.

Kamsa then decides to blackmail Akroor.

He storms into the prison cell of Devaki and Vasudeva and grabs Vasudeva. He tells Devaki that he is going to kill her husband.

Kamsa then tells Devaki that he will only free Vasudeva if she convinces Akroor to invite Krishna to Dhanush Yajna.

Devaki then convinces Akroor to go to Nandgaon and invite Sri Krishna. When Akroor informs about the motive of Kamsa, Devaki says that Supreme Lord will take care of himself.