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Sita in the Vedas – Goddess Sita in Rig Veda

Sita is the Goddess of the earth in the Vedas. She is a fertility deity and is worshipped in the Rig Veda. Rig Veda hymn 4.57.6 mentions her – She is the furrow. She is prayed for bountiful crops. Her blessings are taken for good crops.

Auspicious Sita, come thou near: we venerate and worship thee
That thou mayst bless and prosper us and bring us fruits abundantly. (Rg Veda Hymn 4.57.6)

Kaushika Sutra of Atharva Veda mentions about a Sita who is the wife of Parjanya.

Paraskara Grihya Sutra of Shukla Yajur Veda talks about a Sita who is the wife of Indra.

It must be noted here that in the Ramayana which was composed later after the Rig Veda, King Janaka finds Mata Sita in a furrow. Similarly Mata Sita disappears from the Earth in a furrow.