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How to Worship Shani? – Offerings and Mantras for Sani Bhagavan

Lord Shani is mainly worshipped on Saturdays. Those who are under the influence of Sade Sati, and having trouble in their horoscope and life offer special pujas and worship to Sani Bhagvan. Here are a few simple tips to help in Shani worship.

On Saturday, people wear black clothes and participate in Shani worship by visiting Shani temples or Navgraha temples.

A fast is undertaken from morning to sunset on Saturday by devotees. Saturday fasting dedicated to Shani Bhagavan is very popular with those people who believe in astrology.

Black colored grams and items are donated on the day.

It is considered highly auspicious to donate urad dal (black gram)
Lamps using sesame oil or Til oil are lit on the day. Til is also donated in temples. Some people donate Til oil in temples.

In some regions idol of Shani Bhagavan is bathed with Til oil.

The mantras that are chanted are Shani Chalisa or Shani Mantra. Another mantra that is chanted is Hanuman Chalisa.

Worship of Lord Hanuman on Saturdays is considered to be highly beneficial. There is a belief that Lord Shani will not trouble Hanuman devotees.