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Unique Goddess Lakshmi Murti (idol) at Kolhapur Mahalakshmi Temple

Goddess Lakshmi Murti (idol) worshiped at the Kolhapur Mahalakshmi Temple is centuries old. The murti is carved in black stone and is embellished with gold. She wears numerous types of gold ornaments.

The murti worshiped in the temple is maintained by the theological department.

The murti is 3.5 feet in height.

The murti was given a special coating – Vajralep in August 2015.  Before this, the special coating was done in 1955. The special coating is required as the ancient murti is getting damaged due to the Panchamrit abhishek performed daily. Due to this now, the abhishek ritual is performed only once a day.

Some devotees thought that applying special coating on the murti was against the custom of the temple. They had filed a petition in the court. It was decided in favor of those supporting special coating. Thus it was performed after several years in August 2015.

The shrine remains closed when the murti is taken out for special coating.

Apart from this the rays of setting sun falls directly on the murti on specific days in a year.