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Bhakta Ganapati - Mantra - Symbolism - Benefits Of Worshipping

Bhakta Ganapati is one of the 32 forms of Ganesha. This is a calm and serene form of Ganesh. It is believed that praying to Bhakta Ganapathi helps in controlling temper. Bhakta Ganapati mantra is Nalikeramarakadali guda payasa dharinam! Sharat chandrabha vapusham bhaje bhakta ganadipam.

In murti form, Bhakta Ganapati is depicted has having white color. He has four hands – holding coconut, mango flower and pot of sweet – payasam.

Meditating on Bhakta Ganapati is ideal for keeping mind calm. It is also believed that this form of Ganapati protects devotees from dangers. 

The form of Bhakta Ganapati carries significant symbolism and benefits for devotees:

  1. White Color: In Hindu symbolism, white represents purity, peace, and auspiciousness. Bhakta Ganapati being depicted in white signifies his purity of heart and his role in bringing peace and auspiciousness to the devotees.

  2. Four Hands and Their Symbolism:

    • Coconut: The coconut symbolizes prosperity, auspiciousness, and fulfillment of desires. Bhakta Ganapati holding a coconut in one hand indicates his ability to bless devotees with material and spiritual prosperity.
    • Mango Flower: Mango flowers are associated with fertility, abundance, and new beginnings. Holding a mango flower signifies Ganapati's role in bringing growth and prosperity in all aspects of life.
    • Pot of Sweet (Payasam): Payasam is a sweet dish that represents sweetness, joy, and satisfaction. Holding a pot of sweet symbolizes Ganapati's blessing of happiness and contentment to his devotees.
  3. Meditative Benefits: Meditating on Bhakta Ganapati is believed to calm the mind. His serene and peaceful form helps devotees achieve inner peace, tranquility, and mental stability.

  4. Protection from Dangers: Worshipping Bhakta Ganapati is believed to protect devotees from various dangers and obstacles in life. His divine presence is seen as a shield against negative energies and adversities.

In essence, Bhakta Ganapati in his murti form is a symbol of purity, prosperity, and protection. Devotees who meditate upon him seek inner peace and invoke his blessings for fulfillment, happiness, and safety from life's challenges.