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Story of Bhusunda – The Wise Crow

Bhusunda is a wise crow and his story is found in the Yoga Vasishta. It is believed that Bhushunda lived on a Kalpavriksha on a peak near Mount Meru. Rishi Vasishta met him during one of his visits to the Devaloka. It is believed that Bhusunda is a Chiranjeevi - one without death. He witnesses infinite cycles of dissolution and creation. He is also regarded as the master of the yoga Pranayama. 

Bhusunda and his twenty brothers were born from seven swans. The swans were the Vahanas or vehicles of Goddess Brahmi. His father was a crow named Chanda. He was the Vahana or vehicle of Goddess Alambusha.

The wise crow and his brothers lived of several kalpas. All his brothers renounced the world and attained Shivaloka.

When Sage Vasishta met Bhusunda, he had seen five cycle of creation and dissolution, twelve Samdura Manthan or churning of the ocean of milk for elixir o Amrita and several other events that take place in each yuga and kalpa.