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Garutman in the Vedas

Garutman is a bird with beautiful and strong wings and is a powerful deity mentioned in the Vedas. The Rigveda mentions the Sun as the celestial bird, or Garutman. He is also known Suparna, which means the strong-winged one. As per Mahabharata, Garuda, the Vahana or Vehicle of Bhagvan Vishnu, is same as Garutman.

The Vedic altars had the shape of Garutman owing to the belief that He can soar up to the Heavens carrying the offerings.

The word garutman means 'winged' or 'praised' ("garutman garanavan paksavan va ").

As per Shatapatha Brahmana, Garutman personify courage.

A verse in Rig Veda refers to the bird as a supreme god equal to Indra, Mitra, Varuna, Yama, and other Vedic gods.

Garutman is also the name of a Rishi in the Atharva Veda.