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Kapil Muni Temple in Gangasagar – Kapila Muni Ashram and Temple at Gangasagar in Bengal

Kapil Muni Temple and Ashram in Gangasagar, Bengal, is believed to be the spot at which Ganga River washed away the sins of the ancestors of King Bhagirath. It is a quiet and clam place where Ganga River joins the Bay of Bengal in Sunderbans Island.

The temple has three sindhoor (ochre) colored murtis (idols) which are attached to the wall. The murtis are of saints. Digambara Saints who do not wear any dress. The head of the Ashram is also a Digambara Saint.

The Temple and Ashram attracts a million devotees during Makar Sankranti (January 14/15). The place especially the small temple and ashram is decorated with led lights and a huge fair is organized during the period popularly known as Gangasagar Mela. Thousands of tents come up on the beach on Gangasagar Island to accommodate the devotees.