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Muka Pancha Sathi – Information about Mookapanchasathi Text

Muka Pancha Sathi is a very popular devotional text in Sanskrit and it is dedicated to Goddess Kamakshi. Mookapanchasathi consists of 500 verses and glorifies the divine beauty of Goddess Kamakshi who resides in Kanchipuram. It is believed that the text was composed by Muka.

Legend has it that the author of Muka Pancha Sathi was named so because he was born Muka – dumb. But with the grace of Say Vidyaghna he began to speak.

The author was also a mentally weak person but with the blessing of Goddess Kamakshi he became a great poet.

Mookapanchasathi Text is divided in five sections of a hundred verses each:

Mandasmita Shataka – is dedicated to the smile of Goddess Kamakshi.

Karaksha or Kataksha Shataka – is dedicated to her side glance.

Padaravinda Shataka – is dedicated to her lotus feet

Arya Shataka – is dedicated to her divine attributes

Shuti Shataka – praises her universal glory