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Puthukulam Nagaraja Temple near Thodupuzha in Kerala

Puthukulam Nagaraja Temple is famous temple dedicated to Nagas or Serpents in Kerala. The temple is located around 2 km from Thodupuzha Town and around 19 km from Muvattupuzha in Kerala.

The shrine has murtis of Nagaraja and Nagayakshi. Both are serpent deities worshipped in many temples in Kerala. There are also special murtis and space dedicated to Neecha Sarpas in the shrine. Dharma Sastha (Ayyappa) is also worshipped in the temple.

The most important festival in the shrine is observed on the Ayilyam Nakshatra in Kanni Masam as per traditional Hindu calendar followed in Kerala. Noorum Palum and numerous other offerings are made to the deities on the day.

The temple is an important shrine associated with Sarpa Dosha Parihara in this part of Kerala.

Pathamudayam (April 23 or April 24) is an important festival in the temple.