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Bahirinath Idol Is Taken Out Of Sea - Worshipped And Returned At Diwalegaon During Diwali

The murti or idol of Bahirinath is worshipped during Diwali by the Koli community at Diwalegaon in CBD near Navi Mumbai. But the murti is kept undersea and is taken out only on Naraka Chaturdashi a day before Diwali. Pujas are performed on Diwali and the next day after worship the murti is returned to sea.

Times of India reports
For the residents of Diwaligaon, the significance of the festival of lights has always been different from the rest of the country. According to the lore, 150 years ago, the head of the Tandel family had a dream where the deity instructed him to lift his idol from the sea bed, worship and then immerse him at the same place. The fishermen believe that abiding by this ritual brings them luck in the new season.
After recovering the stone idol, the kolis perform its abhishek with milk, honey, ghee, curd and sugar in the sea itself. They then mark the idol with sindoor, decorate it with silver masks and bring it back to the village in a palanquin. On Diwali, the idol is worshipped and a procession is taken out. 
On Bali-pratipada, the day after Diwali, the deity is ferried to the same place in the sea for immersion.