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Mahadwadasi is an important day associated with Vaishnavas and those observing Ekadasi Fasting. If majority of the Ekadasi fasting is observed on the Dwadasi day (12th day) instead of the 11th day then this Dwadasi is referred to as Mahadwadasi.
Such Ekadasi fasting is observed on the Dwadasi and is broken on the 13th day day (trayodasi tithi).
Mahadwadasi happens a couple of times in a Hindu lunar calendar. There is no other specialty attached to the day.

Bhoga in Hinduism – Offering of Food to Deity

Bhoga in Hinduism is the ritual food offering to a deity. This is an important part of any puja (worship) in Hinduism. This offering of food is known as naivedyam or Amshi in South India. It is also commonly referred as Prasada. In Puri Jagannath temple, the food offered is referred as Mahaprasada. Bhoga here denotes Bhojana (eating) and it pleases a deity.
Worship (or puja) is incomplete and fruitless if Bhoga is not offered.
The food items usually offered are fruits, cooked rice, sweet made in various shapes, milk and flour. In homes, it is usually a fruit or a simple sweet.
Bhoga in most tradition is first offered to Ganesha and is then offered to the main murti worshipped. But in Bengali Vaishnava tradition the food is first offered to Vishnu.
In temple, when bhoga is offered the doors of the sanctum sanctorum are closed.
The food is usually prepared near the sanctum sanctorum. Majority of times the food is prepared in an adjacent room.
The food is usually prepared by the pri…

World Hindu Congress in November 2014 in New Delhi

World Hindu Foundation is organizing the first World Hindu Congress in November 2014 in New Delhi. The congress will be held from November 21 to 23.
Leaders and representatives of various Hindu organizations, temples and associations are invited to World Hindu Congress. The number of delegates is limited to 1500, of which foreign delegates are limited to 750.
The theme envisioned for World Hindu Congress is the Hindu principle of Sangachchhadhwam Samvadadhwam, which means ''Step together, Express together''.
Under the World Hindu Congress, there will be several conferences held: Hindu Economic Conference Hindu Youth Conference Hindu Women Conference Hindu Educational Conference Hindu Organizational Conference Hindu Political Conference Hindu Media Conference
You can get more details of World Hindu Congress in November 2014 here.

Budha Gayatri Mantra Text in Hindi and English – Budha Graha Gayatri Mantra

Budha Graha is one of the Navgrahas. He is propitiated for intelligence. Budha Gayatri mantra is powerful prayer dedicated to the deity. The Budha Graha Gayatri Mantra text in Hindi and English is given below. The deity is worshipped on Wednesday.
Budha Gayatri Mantra Text in Hindi

Budha Graha Gayatri Mantra in English

Dadi Janki on Inspiring Others

Teaching other is best done with subtlety, explaining in such a way that the mind opens because the heart has understood.
Aim to inspire, rather than teach.
Those who trying to inspire must believe that my love for those I teach will do that; my love for god will do that; to the extent that I am soul-conscious when teaching, so others will have this experience.
Never force anyone to make spiritual effort. When the mind opens, this happens naturally.
Avoid making comparisons. It creates loss of hope.
Harbor no ill will and never try to score a point.
Be like the parent whose love for the child is what makes him grow.
Dadi Janki

Shatabhisha Nakshatra Colour – Which is the Lucky Color of Satabhisha Nakshatra?

Shatabhisha Nakshatra is the 24th among the 27 Nakshatras in Hindu Astrology. The lucky colors for people born in the Nakshatra Shatabhisha are Blue, ash and black. As per Hindu astrology a particular type of color is dedicated to a certain Nakshatra which is lucky for the birth star.
Shatabhisha Nakshatra is housed in Kumbha Rashi or Aquarius Zodiac.
Wearing blue or ash or black color or shades of blue or ash or black color dress for interviews and other competitions are lucky for those people born in this Nakshatra.
The colors to be completely avoided are deep yellow and orange.

Mole on Left Hand – Til or Beauty spot on Left Hand Meaning and Importance – Is it Bad or Good?

Til, or beauty spot or mole, on the left hand is interpreted as good in Hinduism. But then what does it mean? Is there any symbolic meaning mole on left hand? Also please note that the position of the beauty spot have no real significance in many Hindu cultures.
As per some Hindu cultures, the person who has til or mole on the left hand will be saving lot of money. There will be happiness. The person will not be a spendthrift. On the downside some of them will be misers.
Please note that these inferences are not based on Hindu scriptures. These are purely regional and community based.
You should not blindly believe in such things.