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Garuda Mantra – Lyrics of Garuda Mantra in Hindi and English

Garuda Mantra is dedicated to Garuda – the divine bird – who is the vehicle or Vahana of Vishnu. The lyrics given below in Hindi and English is of the Garuda Gayatri Mantram. Chanting it will help in overcoming fears of snakes. It is also chanted for attaining strength.

Garuda Mantram is ideal for performing well in exams and interviews.

How to Chant the Garuda Mantra?

The mantra should be chanted in the evening and morning facing northeast.

For best result the person chanting mantra should wear yellow color clothes.
Light lamp using cow ghee before a picture of Garuda with Lord Vishnu.
Offer yellow color flower agarbatti or dhoop
Offer chandan tilak on the picture and apply it on your forehead.
Offer yellow color flowers.
Offer uncooked rice.
Offer a seasonal fruit and later share the fruit with family members
Chant the mantra 108 times

Garuda Mantra in Hindi

ॐ तात्पुरषाय विद्महे सुवर्णपक्षाय 
धीमहि। तन्नो गरुड़: प्रचोदयात। 

Garuda Mantra Lyrics in Hindi and English

Om Thathpurushaya Vidhmahe
Suvaarna Pakshaya Dheemahee
Tanno Garuda Prachodayat