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Timeless Wisdom From Hindu World

A collection of timeless wisdom from the Hindu world.

Only that Dharma is eternal and immutable which is practiced by the virtuous people whose souls are pained at the sufferings of other beings, and are made happy at the happiness of others.

Whether a person is unclean or clean, whatever be the state one is in, if one thinks of or prays to the Lord Vishnu (whose eyes are beautiful like a lotus) one becomes pure externally and internally.

Endurance, forgiveness, self-control, non-stealing, cleanliness, control of senses, intelligence, education, truthfulness, non-anger – these are the ten characteristics of Dharma.

It is always good to speak in a manner which can please others and make others happy. Is there dearth of words?

If we want to increase the love for the lord, then we must cultivate a relationship with Him.

The burial ground is creeping towards you every moment. There is no time to waste on regretting your past or being anxious for your future.

It is said "Learn from nature, her secret is patience". Instead of condemning yourself, patiently turn your attention towards the Lord; this is the secret of developing divine qualities.

The real Guru is the pure intellect within; and the purified, deeply inspiring mind is the disciple.

If a thorn is sticking in the throat, one cannot appreciate any food, which otherwise one could have enjoyed. Hunger is there. Food is also ready. But the hungry-one cannot eat. Because the painful thorn is in the throat. The ego is a thorn in the throat of the seeker.