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Ajgaivinath Temple at Sultanganj in Bhagalpur in Bihar

Ajgaivinath Temple is a famous 16th century shrine dedicated to Shiva at Sultanganj in Bhagalpur in Bihar. The temple attracts thousands of devotees during Shravan Month (July – August) as it is located on the banks of Ganga River and here river Ganga flows from south to north here. Pilgrims arrive here in Shravan month to carry water from the Ganga to the Baba Baidyanath Dham.

The temple which has a height of 108 meter is approached through a bridge as it is covered on all four sides by Ganga. Devotees are allowed to offer personal puja to the Shivling.

The legend of the place is associated with King Bhagirath performing tapas to bring Ganga down on earth to wash away the sins of his forefathers. Ganga was pleased with the austerities of the king but she informed him and that her fall from heaven would destroy the earth.

Jaanhu Rishi who was meditating nearby heard this and agreed to drink the water of Ganga. He later tore his thigh and the river flowed from it causing no damage to the region.

Bhagvan Sri Ram on the advice of Guru Vasishta took bath in the Ganga here to wash away the sins of the killing Ravana and his demon army.