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Seeing Gold and Jewelry in Dreams Meaning in Hindu Religion

Seeing gold and jewelry is considered good as per those who believe in dream interpretation. In Hindu religion there is an ancient scripture known as Swapna Shastra which gives interpretation and meaning of various dreams. Some dreams are bad and some are good.

The main belief is that those who see Gold and Jewelry in dream will be blessed. Such people will have their wishes fulfilled. They will get opportunity to accomplish their desires.

Dreaming of gold and jewelry and you are unhappy or crying suggests lost opportunity. You should be alert and should not miss even the slightest opportunity.

Dream of gold and jewelry in dream and you wearing it with family members means marriage or meeting of someone special. It also means happy occasions in the family.

Dream of your enemies wearing gold jewelry means you will be jealous of the progress of your enemies. It also means your enemies will gain upper hand.

Please note that one should not give too much importance to such things. Majority of the dreams have no meaning as they just extension of important events that took place on a day. For a dream to have meaning it should happen naturally without any day time influence.