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Tripada Murti Form of Shiva

Tripada Murti is a unique murti form of Shiva with Bhagvan Vishnu and Brahma emerging from him – from the thigh of Shiva. In this form, Shiva stands on single leg. You can see Brahma and Vishnu emerging from the thigh of Shiva. You can also see the legs of Brahma and Vishnu. The murti is referred as Tripada murti only when the leg of Vishnu is visible.

Brahma emerges from the right side of Shiva and Vishnu emerges from the left side.

Tripada Murti form of Shiva is closely associated with Tantric worship. This murti is found mainly in South India, Orissa, Rajasthan and Nepal.

Symbolically, this murti reminds devotees about the single source from which all animate and inanimate are born, rests and returns.