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Choroonu – Importance of First Rice Eating Ceremony among Hindus in Kerala

Choroonu is the first rice eating ceremony for a child among Hindus in Kerala. In other regions in India Choroonu is known as Annaprashan. In English it is known as first rice feeding ceremony.

This is one of the sixteen samskaras in Hinduism.

The ceremony of Choroonu is performed in the sixth month of the birth of the child. From the day onwards, solid food like cooked rice and vegetables can be given to the child.

On the ceremony day, the child is bathed and taken to the nearby temple for worship.

In olden days the first rice is given by the maternal uncle. But today the father performs the ritual.

Today many people perform Choroonu at an important temple. Thus today mass choroonu is performed in temples like Guruvayoor Sri Krishna Temple.