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How to perform Choroonu as Per Malayali Hindu Tradition? – How to do the First Rice Eating Ceremony of Child?

Choroonu is the first rice eating ceremony of a child in Kerala and it is performed in the sixth month of the birth of the baby. Choroonu is the Malayalam term used by Malayalis in Kerala to refer to the first rice feeding ceremony of the baby. Choru means rice in English and unnuka means to eat. Here is a brief description on how to perform or do the first rice eating ceremony in Kerala Hindu style.

Earlier it was the maternal uncle who performed the rice eating ceremony. But today father or grandfather performs the ceremony.

On the Chorronu day, the child is bathed, then wears new dress and is taken to the nearby temple for worship.

The person performing the ceremony sits in the traditional wooden seat or on the ground.

The person should sit facing east.

A lamp is lighted and kept.

Food prepared for the day is served in a plantain leaf. It is plain Kerala rice that is served along with a traditional curry and a sweet (payasam).

First, a portion of the food to be served is offered to Ganapati on a separate leaf.

The person performing the ceremony then takes the child in the lap.

The food for the child is kept on the right side of the person performing the ceremony on a plantain leaf.

The person then gives small quantity of cooked rice and other items to the child.

Others in the family repeat the same.

There ceremony is now complete.

The food offered to Ganapati should be taken and shared by all assembled.

After the ceremony or before the ceremony on a convenient day Annadanam or food donation should be performed.