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Vasundhara – Information About Hindu Goddess Vasundhara

Vasundhara is one among the names of Goddess Bhudevi, the consort of Bhagvan Vishnu. Vasundara means the holder of gems. This name is mentioned in the Bhu Suktam – a Vedic text which offers prayers to Goddess Bhudevi.

Vasundhara – About Goddess Vasundara

 As Vasundhara, Bhudevi holds numerous gems in her. She symbolically represents what one can achieve if one is patient and dedicated. Mother Earth carries rewards for her children in her. She distributes it among her children as Vasundhara.

But today we are plundering Vasundhara. Greediness and lack of respect for nature will make Mother Earth once again disappear. In ancient times, Bhagvan Vishnu had to appear then to annihilate all those practice Adharma. She only returned when it was safe for her.