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Name of Wife of Shatrughna in Ramayana – What is the name of Shatrughna’s Wife in Ramayana?

Shatrughna was the fourth son of King Dasaratha and the brother of Sri Ram in Ramayana. He was also the twin brother of Lakshman. Shatrughna married one of the daughters of King Kusadhvaja, who was the brother of King Janaka. Any idea what is the name of Shatrughna’s wife? Majority of the people might not know the name because she is not as famous as Mata Sita or Urmila. Name of wife of Shatrughna is Srutakirti or Shrutakirti. She was the third daughter of King Kusadhvaja. Shatrughna and Srukakirti had two sons.

Beauty Spot on Lips - Til on Lips Meaning and Importance – Is it Bad or Good?

Til, or beauty spot, on lip is not interpreted as either good or bad in Hinduism. There is no Luck or unlucky factor with regard to the position of beauty spot on lips. But then what does it mean? Is there any symbolic meaning to til on lips? As per many Hindu cultures, the person who has til or beauty spot will be under the control of the senses. He or She will not be able overcome sensual feelings. But this is not approved by many Hindus. Several Hindus consider til on lips makes a person more beautiful. Girls with til on lips are considered beautiful by many Hindus. Please note that these inferences are not based on Hindu scriptures. These are purely regional and community based. You should not blindly believe in such things. 

Chitragupta Puja on Chithirai Pournami in Tamil Nadu

Chitragupta Puja is performed on Chithirai Pournami – full moon or Purnima day in Tamil Month Chithira – in Tamil Nadu. In 2024, Chitragupta Puja in Tamil Nadu temples is on April 23. In Hinduism, Chitragupta, the first assistant of Lord Yama, the god of Death. It is Chitragupta who keeps record of the good and bad deeds of human beings on earth. After death, when one reaches the abode of yama, it is he who tallies the good and bad deeds and declares it to Yama. Therefore, the day is dedicated to Chitragupta and devotees pray to him to forgive their sins. Devotees offer prayers at temples and sacred places dedicated to Chitragupta. People also take dip in rivers, ponds and other sacred water bodies to wash away their sins. The most popular Chitragupta Puja which is observed in North India is held after Diwali.

Peeping into Tantric Sex - Importance of Tantric Sex in Hinduism

Talk about Tantra and the first thing that come to the mind are sex, magic and witchcraft. Is this the real Tantra? Take a look at Google search. The first page on Google search on ‘Tantra’ is dominated by the word ‘sex.’ But Tantra has more to it than mere sex. Here is a look at the importance of Tantric Sex in Hinduism. Since modern world associates Tantra with sex, I took a peep into Tantric sexual literature. Several books and articles are available on Tantra and most of them just arouse sexual curiosity. Some confuses the reader. But some western scholars have done detailed study on the subject. Here I am sharing some of my findings: It is hard to give a particular period to Tantrism. Most scholars believe it is pre-Vedic. Shiva and Shakti are main gods in Tantrism. They are a symbol and represent the male and female. Some Tantric texts are conversations between Shiva and Shakti. It has close relation to the modern Advaita philosophy of Shankarachraya, the

Chandreshwar – About Chandreshwar Shivling

Chandreshwar is a manifestation of Shiva and the importance of the Chandreshwar Shivling is mentioned in the Kashi Khanda of the Skanda Purana. The popular belief is that Chandreshwar Shivling was installed by Chandra, the moon good, to propitiate Shiva. Legend has it that Chandra who had lost his luster due to the curse of Daksha was saved by Shiva when he cured him and gave him space in his head. Chandreshwar Shivling is installed at Varanasi . It is also part of the Navgraha Shivling in the city. Legend has it that after installing the Shivling, Chandra offered prayers for several years. Finally Shiva appeared before Chandra and gave the blessing of his eternal presence in the Shivling. It is considered highly meritorious to offer prayers to the Shivling on the full moon day (Purnima). Near the Chandreshwar Shivling is located a well which is believed to have been dug by Chandra. The water in it is considered holy. People take bath with the holy water on Somava

Book Review – Hanuman – The Devotion and Power of the Monkey God

Book titled “Hanuman – The Devotion and Power of the Monkey God” is written by Vanamali – Mataji Devi Vanamali. It contains a near complete life history of Hanuman. Important events in the life of Hanumanji are narrated in simple English. The work is highly recommended for devotees of Hanuman and also for all those who want to learn about Him. There are 36 chapters in the book and each chapter contains a leela of Hanuman. Majority of the chapters are dedicated to Hanuman in Ramayana. The part played by Hanuman in the epic is highlighted. Some minor incidents involving Hanuman often skipped in many books related to Ramayan is given prominence. The author also narrates tales found in Puranas, other versions of Ramayana and also from oral tradition. Almost all the stories associated with the birth of Bajrang Bali is given in nutshell. The book is peppered with numerous verses from important prayers and holy books dedicated to Hanuman. A highlight of the book is a poem on