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Which is the second avatar of Lord Vishnu? – Second Avatar or Incarnation of Hindu God Vishnu

Second avatar of Vishnu happened during the churning of ocean or Samudra Manthan. This incarnation was to help Devas and Asuras in balancing the churning chord. As per Hindu scriptures the second Avatar of Hindu God Vishnu is the Kurma Avatar – which is referred as the turtle incarnation. The story of Kurma avatar is one that symbolically narrates the process of evolution. Information about the Kurma Avatar is mainly found in the Bhagavad Purana (Canto 8 Chapter 7), Agni Purana and Ramayana (Balakanda Chapter). Other resources Story of the Kurma Avatar of Lord Vishnu Kurma Jayanti Temple Dedicated to the Kurma Incarnation of Lord Vishnu

Rath Yatra Is Observed at Night at Mubarakpur in Soro near Balasore in Orissa

There is an age-old tradition that Rath Yatra should not be held at night. But Sri Sri Gosein Danda Baladevjeeu temple at Mubarakpur in Soro near Balasore in Orissa has been defying this tradition. The chariots of Jagannath, Bhalabhadra and Subhadra are pulled during the Rath Yatra after sunset. The Rath Yatra is here held on the same day when Puri Rath Yatra is held. Times of India reports  "Like every other year, we followed the same tradition this year too. This has been the trend here for the past five centuries. We are not bothered by this restriction. On the day of Rath Yatra, we follow all rituals as per the Puri temple, with this exception. While in Puri, individual chariots carry the three deities, here we pull only one chariot. All the three deities are placed on the same chariot," temple priest Mahesh Panda said. Besides, the deities here are unique in many ways. They are different from those of Puri in terms of their symmetry. Here the idol of Balabhadra