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Teachings from Ananda Lahari

A collection of teachings from Ananda Lahari of Adi Shankaracharya.

By you this universe is born;
by you this world is created;
by you it is protected;
O Devi! By you it is consumed at the end.

You who are eternally the form of the whole world;
At the time of creation you are the form of the creative force;
At the time of preservation, you are the form of the protective power;
And at the time of dissolution of the world, you are the form of the destructive power.

You are the Supreme Knowledge, as well as ignorance, intellect and contemplate.

Thou art the effulgent light that dispels the inner darkness of the unwise.

Thou art the stream flowing with the honey of consciousness for the ignorant.

Thou art the rosary of Chintamani jewels for the poor and the tusk of the boar (incarnated) Muraripu for those who are immersed in the ocean of births and deaths.