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Searching For the Infinite While Infinite Is All Around Us

We are infinite we do not realize this, this fact is explained through a story.

Once a small ocean fish went to an older fish and asked, ‘Excuse me, you are older than I, so can you tell me where to find this thing they call the ocean?’

‘The ocean,’ said the older fish, ‘is the thing you are in now.’

‘Oh! This? But this is just water. What I am seeking is the ocean,’ said the disappointed fish as it swam away to reach elsewhere.

 The older fish exclaimed, ‘Oh little fish! What are you looking for? Just look!’

Living in the very ocean and searching for it! That is the irony of human situation — searching for the Infinite while infinite is all around us.


"Searching For the Infinite While Infinite Is All Around Us" is a thought-provoking phrase that suggests the irony of human pursuit. It implies that while we often seek something boundless, eternal, or unending, we fail to recognize the infinite aspects already present in our surroundings and within ourselves.

At its core, this phrase speaks to the human condition of seeking meaning, purpose, and understanding in a universe that may seem vast and incomprehensible. It highlights the paradoxical nature of our quests for the infinite, as we may overlook the infinite qualities inherent in the world and within ourselves.

One interpretation of this phrase is that the infinite can be found in the smallest of things, in the mundane moments of everyday life, and in the interconnectedness of all existence. It suggests that instead of searching for something beyond our grasp, we can find fulfillment and awe in the infinite beauty that surrounds us.

Moreover, it may also point to the idea that the pursuit of the infinite can be a journey of self-discovery and personal growth. As we explore the depths of our own consciousness and the mysteries of the universe, we may come to realize that the infinite is not something to be found externally, but rather something to be embraced within.

In essence, "Searching For the Infinite While Infinite Is All Around Us" encourages reflection on our perceptions of reality, the nature of existence, and the significance of our quests for meaning and understanding in a world brimming with infinite possibilities.