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On Why Ramayana is History – Ithihasa

Noted writer and former professor of Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, Ka. Va. Na. Sarma recently gave a speech on the subject why Ramayana is history – Ithihasa. His speech was based on astronomical and geographical data.
The Hindu reports 
Rama lived in the same Vaivaswata manwantara as the present generation and belonged to 24 mahayuga and going by the ice age that ended in 8000 BC some computerised calculations put his year of birth as 5,114, he said. He considered 4,366 BC and 3,618 BC also as possibilities and veered around to the view that the latter was the year of Rama’s birth. 
Rama was a modern man belonging to homo sapiens adept at using bow and arrows, Mr. Sarma said. The journey of Rama, the Ramayana, could be mapped right from his journey with Viswamitra to Midhila where he married Sita. 
Rama Sethu was constructed to Lanka with pumice stones and it might not be one continuous bridge and the description of crossing the ocean in the Ramayana supported it, he said basing the narration on his book Rama Kanda. 
“My endeavour was to counter doubts over the existence of Rama just as Einstein said of Gandhi that future generations will scarce believe that such one as this …. walked upon earth,” Prof. Sarma said, adding that he read the Ramayana with an open mind.