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Get Free E-book on Somayagam

If you wish to learn about Somayagam – basic information about the important rituals held during this Vedic Yajna – then this e-book on Somayagam will be of great help. It gives a basic idea of the yajna.

You can download e-book on Somayaga here.

You need to visit the Somayaga website and the register an email address. Then a link will be send to the email address confirming the mail and you can download the e-book from the page.

Excerpts from the book

What is Somayaga?

Somayaga is a highly spiritual and effective ritual performed as prescribed in the Vedas. This lasts for six days. SOMA juice is used as the main oblation – hence the name SomaYaga. Remember that Soma is known as the king of medicinal herbs.

How and when did Yaga start?

Scholars hold that Yajnas have a history of over 5000 years in India. The earliest mention of Soma and Soma Yāgas are to be found in the Rig Veda – which is the oldest of the Vedas. Thus there is no doubt that Soma Yajnyas are as old as Indian Vedic history. Yajnyas have formed an important part of Vedic worship since the very beginning of Vedic religion and culture. Amongst the various Yāgas, the Soma Yāgas are one of the oldest and most important groups of Yāgas.