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Chin Mudra Posture Of Hindu Deities – Chinmudra Hand Posture Of Hindu Gods

Chin Mudra is an important hand posture of a Hindu deity. The murti holds the right hand up in such a way that all the fingers expect the index finger points upwards. The index finger is gently bent and it touches the thumb. Chin Mudra posture symbolizes imparting of spiritual education.

Chinmudra Hand Posture of Hindu Gods

Chinmudra is also known as Vyakhyana Mudra.

This hand posture basically symbolizes teaching, explanation or instruction.

The mudra is usually ascribed to gods and saints.

One of the most important examples of a deity holding the hand in Chin Mudra is that of Dakshinamurti form of Shiva.

The essence of teachings of Shiva is depicted in Chin Mudra. As per the teachings of Dakshinamurti, the Lord is Pati, the human beings are pashu and worldly things are pasam.

The thumb represents pati, index finger represents pashu and the other three fingers represent worldly things.

Pasam is of three kinds: Anavam, Kanmam and Maya. These three pasams are depicted by the three fingers pointing upwards.

Human beings are always turned towards worldly pleasures.

By effort, human beings can move away from worldly pleasures and become one with the supreme truth – Pati. Thus the index finger which represents human being is brought into contact with the thumb which represents pati.