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Hindu Scriptures on Learning – Quotes on Learning in Hindu Books

A collection of teachings from Hindu Scriptures on the importance of learning – Quotes on learning in Hindu Books.

When children, O Brihaspati, giving names to objects, sent out Vak’s first and earliest utterances, all (knowledge) that was excellent and spotless, treasured within their hearts, was disclosed through (Vak’s) grace. (Rig Veda, 10.71.1)

The student learns a fourth from this teacher and parents, a fourth through his own intelligence, a four from his fellow pupils, and the remaining fourth in course of time (by experience).

Wonderful indeed is this treasure of yours, O Bharati (goddess of learning)! It increases with expenditure and dwindles on hoarding!

He that has not cultivated his intelligence but has merely heard of many things can scarcely understand the real import of the scriptures, like the spoon that has no perception to the taste of the soup it touches. (Mahabharata, Sabha Parva, 54.1)