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Bhagavad Gita Chapter 7 Reflections

Seekers of happiness in the world of sense objects, as result of their strife and struggle, gain their insignificant success in the field of sense enjoyments. If the same effort is applied by them in the right life of constructive living, they can come to discover their identity with the Eternal Absolute, the Self. (7.23)

The more an individual misunderstands himself to be only a mere mass of flesh, and continuously pants for self-gratification through sense indulgences, the more he moves towards suffering. (7.15)

The point of concentration is to be considered, no doubt, as the symbol of the Truth that the devotee is seeking, but it cannot in itself be the Truth. Murti (Idol) worship is only a convenience for gathering true concentration, for getting an initial momentum for the final flight into themselves, to reach the self and discover therein their own oneness with it. (7.24)

Source - Holy Gita Ready Reference - Chinmaya International Foundation - Page 166- 67