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Bhaum Pradosh at Ujjain Angareshwar Temple Dedicated to Shiva

Bhaum Pradosh is observed when fortnightly Pradosh fasting falls on Tuesday in Hindu calendar. The day is of great significance at the famous Angareshwar Temple dedicated to Shiva in Ujjain in Madhya Pradesh.

Pradosh vrat is observed on the 13th day of during the waxing and waning phase of moon and is dedicated to Shiva.

It is believed that performing puja on the day will help those people having trouble due to the bad positioning of Angarak Grah (Mangal) in their horoscope. Shiva is said to have control over the Angaraka.

Special Maha Arati is organized on the day at Angareshwar Temple.

Angareshwar Temple is located behind the famous Mangalnath Temple.

Angareshwar means one who presides over Angarak or Mangal.