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Sudarshana Chakra of Vishnu is the Main Deity Worshipped in Mangalam Anjumoorthy Temple in Kerala

Sudarshana Chakra of Vishnu as the main deity is very rare. One such rare temple is the Anjumoorthy Temple located at Mangalam near Vadakkencherry in Kerala. The temple is located around 8 km from Vadakkencherry on the way to Palakkad. A kilometer off the National Highway 47.

Sudharshana Chakra, the main Prathista in this temple, is believed to the Swayambhu, not human made but that which appeared due to divine intervention.

Legend has it that Sage Kashyapa was on his way to install the murti of Vishnu in a place not far from the present Anjumoorthy Temple. When he reached the present Anjumoorthy Temple, he happened to see a pond and realized the presence of Vaishnava Durga. He saw a murti of dancing Durga on the banks of the pond and installed it in the present Anjumoorthy Temple. This murti can be seen today behind the main sanctum sanctorum.

Now Sage Kashyapa was late for the installation ceremony of the murti of Vishnu in the nearby temple. Vishnu became angry and let out his Sudarshana Chakra. The Sudarshana appeared before Sage Kashyapa and the murti of dancing Durga in the present Anjumoorthy Temple. Sage Kashyapa prayed to the Sudarshana and installed it in the temple in front of Anjumoorthy Temple.

The name Anjumoorthy Temple because five main deities are worshipped in the shrine – Sudarshna Chakra, Shiva, Vishnu, Devi and Ganapathy are worshiped here. Apart from this, there are another six subsidiary deities in the shrine.

Mangalam Anjumoorthy Temple Darshan and Puja Timing
Morning Darshan Time – 5:30 AM to 9:30 AM
Evening Darshan Time – 5:30 PM to 7:30 PM

The temple festival is observed in Makaram Month. The arattu or the conclusion of the temple festival is on the Rohini Nakshatra day in Makaram month.