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Jealousy is Worthless – Throw It Out

Jealousy does us no good and majority of us are unable to keep it out. By being jealous, we are resenting another person’s success or achievement. This emotion is due to ego. It damages relationships and it is not good for our future.

When we get jealous we must analyze it. We must find out how it developed in us. We must analyze all the thoughts and emotions attached to it. Then undo it through reasoning and intelligence.

Always be happy with your achievements and success. Fully accept and love what you are. Live in the present.

One of the main reasons for jealousy is comparison. So stop comparing.

You were happy with your cycle. But when you saw your neighbour having a bike you became jealous and you wanted one. So you got a bike and then suddenly you saw another neighbouring having an even better bike...so you became jealous again...so you got another bike...then you saw that the previous neighbour sold his bike and bought a car...now you wanted a car...so you got one...then you saw the neighbour with better bike sold that and got a costly car...so...

... if you let yourself to be driven by other people’s success you will never achieve happiness. There will always be someone who will have some better material possession. 

The best way to overcome jealousy is by being happy with what we are. For this, we need to realize that happiness does not reside outside. The happiness that we get from success and achievements is very limited. Soon we will be looking outside again. The life of happiness that we get from an outside object only lasts for a brief period. But happiness that we get from inside by realizing the Supreme Truth lasts forever.

When we are able to train our mind to accept this Truth, we can keep out several negative emotions including jealousy.