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Sapta Sindhu - Names - Concept Of Seven Rivers In Hindu Scriptures

Sapta Sindhu is a term found in Hindu scriptures and is the common name give to seven rivers which flowed through North West of India. The names of seven rivers are Saraswati, Sindhu, Vitasta, Asikini, Iravati or Parusni, Vipasa and Shatadru or Sutudri.

Legend has it that the seven rivers flowed down to earth when Indra killed Vritra.

It must be noted here that the names of the seven rivers are given differently in different scriptures.

The modern name of Sindhu is Indus; that of Vitasta is Jhelum, Asikni is Chenab, Iravati is Ravi, Vipasa is Beas and Shatudru is Sutlej.