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Lord Shiva Gets Letters from Devotees at Chitai Temple in Almora

Innumerable are the ways in which a Hindu devotee approaches God. At Chitai Temple in Almora in Uttarakhand, devotees write letters to Golu Devata or Lord Golu, an incarnation of Lord Shiva. The letters are hung in the temple premises. And when the wishes mentioned in the letters are fulfilled, devotees return to hang bells in the temple. And thousands of bells that are hung around the Chitai Temple stands testimony to the fact that wishes indeed get fulfilled by praying at the temple.

Chitai Temple in Almora is also known as Neleya Pant temple. The presiding deity in the temple is known as Golu or Gaur Bhairav (Shiva) and is popular deity in this region. He is also known as the Justice God – as he is believed to provide justice to devotees with devotion.
Thousands of bells that are hung around the temple and beautiful surroundings give an awe-inspiring charm to the place.
Daily India reports
‘He is known to be the God of justice. People from different parts of India and abroad come here and hang their applications here if they are being denied justice. If their wishes are fulfilled they come and donate bells and pray,’ said the priest of the temple Neleya Pant. 
‘People believe that if they put their letter here, their wishes will be fulfilled. Even I thought that my wishes would be fulfilled so I have put a wish letter here,’ said Prakash Chand, a devotee.

Those facing legal problems often use stamp paper for their letters.