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Nasagra Drishti – Yoga Technique To Bring Unsteady Mind Under Control

Nasagra Drishti is a technique in Yoga. It is fixing the gaze, or drishti, on the tip of the nose. Nasagra Drishti Yoga technique is mainly meant for bringing the unsteady mind under control and for making it stable and sharp.

Hatha Yoga Pradipika (I. 35, 45 – 46) states that one should fix the gaze on the tip of the nose while sitting in the lotus pose (padmasana).

Nasagra Drishti is a tough yoga technique and needs to be developed very slowly and cautiously.

The Yoga technique makes mind steady through its impact directly on the brain through the optic nerves.

The gaze may be also fixed with the eyes closed but this is not mentioned in traditional yoga and Tantric texts. This is less stressful and is more effective especially for beginners. You can also do the Nasagra Drishti for a long period by keeping the eyes closed.