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Madmaheshwar Temple dedicated to Hindu God Shiva – A Temple in Panch Kedar Yatra

Madmaheshwar Temple is dedicated to Hindu God Shiva and is located in Mansuna Village in Uttarakhand which is around 20-km Trek from Uniana. Also known as Madhyamaheshwar Temple, this is the fourth temple in the Panch Kedar Pilgrimage and is located at an altitude of 3289 m. It is believed that the torso including the navel of the bull form of Shiva appeared at Madmaheshwar.

In a calendar year, the temple is only open from May to October. The temple remains closed during the winter period and the murti is shifted to Ukhimath and worshipped there during the harsh winter. The temple remains covered in snow during the period.

The temple is believed to have been built by the Pandavas. They had reached the Garhwal Himalayas to seek pardon from Shiva for the killings they had during the Mahabharata war. But Shiva was not ready to pardon and took the form of a bull to hide from Pandavas. But when Pandavas detected the disguise, Shiva thrust himself into the ground and the body parts reemerged at six different places – one in Nepal and other five in Uttarakhand in India.

A small Shivling is worshipped in the Temple. Apart from the main temple there are two small shrines dedicated to Goddess Parvati and Shiva as Ardhanarishwara.

The route to the temple:
National Highway 58 – Rishikesh to Rudraprayag (via Shiv­puri, Devprayag and Srinagar) – 139 kilometers.
From Rudraprayag to Ukhimath – 45 kilometers
Ukhimath to Uniana – 14 kilometers
From Uniana it is a 20 km trek to Madmaheshwar.

Another route is from Gupt Kashi
Gupt Kashi to Kalimath
From Kalimath Trek to Madmaheshwar.