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Only those who have failed can know the real sweetness of success

No one likes to fail.

But we all have failed and will face failure in future.

We all like to succeed on the first try every single time but it never happens.

Failure in school, failure in business, failure in love, to get rejected, to get dumped, to get turned down...the list is endless.

Repeated failure is demoralizing.

Our confidence level is low.

It is hard to bounce back and some of us do not even bother to try again.

Teach your mind that failure is inevitable. Instead of fearing failure, we need to fight it and regain our confidence.

Go and ask our parents how many times I fell down before I learned to walk? We all fell numerous times before we learned to walk. How did we succeed? We succeeded because we were not bothered about failure then. We even did not know what failure was. Each fall only made us more resilient. Finally one day we walked. So fear of failure is a creation of the mind. Our ego is working here. Get rid of it.

In each failure, there are lessons to be learned. Each time we fail, we should not get dejected but convince ourselves that we are not yet the best. We need to improve more.

All the people who have enjoyed massive success failed in the beginning. Publishers rejected Harry Potter. Honda Company was destroyed by earthquake and world war. The list is endless...

Continuous fall of water drops on a rock makes a fissure on it.

Focus, dedication, hard work and discipline will lead us to success.