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Jambavan – The Story of the Origin of Jambavan

Jambavan is one among the Chiranjeevi in Hindu tradition and he had witnessed all the nine avatars of Vishnu. For most people, Jambavan is the old and wise sloth bear character in Ramayana. The story of the origin of Jambavan is very interesting and there are two popular versions of it.

Legend has it that Jambavan appeared from the mouth of Brahma. This happened when Brahma was yawning.

Another legend has it that the demons Madhu and Kaitabha had challenged Brahma for a war. Brahma got sacred and he started sweating profusely and from the sweat appeared Jambavan. Madhu and Kaitabha were later vanquished by Goddess Durga.

It is believed that Jambavan got his name after he had first climbed a mountain named Jambunanda.