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Abhichara in Hinduism

Origin of Abhichara is traced to the Atharva Veda. In Hinduism, abhichara is incantation of spells often for a malevolent purpose. According to Tantrasara, abhichara is employed for killing, luring or enchantment, stupefaction, antagonism, to drive away and for brining a person under one’s control.
Atharva Veda contains several mantras which are used in abhichara.

Apart from mantras or spells, those who practice Abhichara employ Yantras and other methods to do damage to enemy.

For the purpose of abhichara, a symbolic representation of the enemy is used.

People those believe in it wear amulet which contains mantra to protect them from abhichara by other people.

Abhichara was practiced by all class of people.