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Kumbha Rashi Rudraksha – Which Rudraksha Should Kumbha Rashi Born People Wear?

Kumbha Rashi born people should wear Rudraksh with six or 13 faces and seven or 14 five faces. Wearing of which will bring in all round success to Kumbha Rashi or Aquarius Zodiac. Each Rashi born people as per Hindu Astrology should wear a particular face Rudraksha for success, love, peace and prosperity.

The deity associated with six face is Kartik or Skanda or Muruga.
The deity dedicated to 13 face is again Kartik.
The deity associated with seven face is Kamdev.
The deity dedicated to 14 face is Shiva.

Those wearing six and 13 face will also have the blessings of Shukra. Similarly those wearing seven and 14 face will also be blessed by Shani Bhagvan.

Along with wearing of the Rudraksh one should practice self control, worship of personal deity and good thoughts.

Performing food donation and distributing clothes after the wearing the Rurdraksh is highly meritorious for Kumbha Rashi People.

It is believed that wearing the above said Rudrakshas by a Kumbha Rashi person will remove all worries and problems. And it ushers in peace and prosperity.