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Symbolism in the Body Color of Goddess Lakshmi

Goddess Lakshmi is depicted in four colors – body tone. There is deep symbolism attached to the various colors associated with Goddess Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth and prosperity in Hindu religion. In scriptures associated with Hinduism, She is described as dark (blue), pink, yellow and white colored.

When a painting or image of Goddess Lakshmi is dark or blue she is the consort of Vishnu. This is because Vishnu is dark (blue) in color.
When Goddess Lakshmi is described as having yellow color, she is associated with wealth.
In White color she represents nature – it is from this form the universes and all living and nonliving appear and disappear.
Pink color represents a compassionate form of Goddess Lakshmi – She is the mother to all living beings.
It must be noted that modern paintings and pictures of Goddess Lakshmi do not follow any symbolism. She is pictured merely as a Goddess of wealth.
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Thiruthuraipoondi Temple – Piravi Marundeeswarar Temple Thiruthuraipoondi in Tiruvarur in Tamil Nadu

PiraviMarundeeswararTemple at Thiruthuraipoondi in Tiruvarur in Tamil Nadu is dedicated to Shiva and Goddess Parvati. Shiva is worshipped in the temple as Marundeeswarar and Gajasamhara Murthy. Goddess Parvati is worshipped as Periyanayaki.
Why the Shrine is PiraviMarundeeswararTemple?

A unique aspect of the temple is that Shiva murti faces West. It is said that worship of Shiva here helps in attaining moksha on earth – escape from cycle of birth and death. Self realization dawns on a person and he sheds ignorance. Piravi means birth. Worship here is to put an end to the suffering of birth - life - death - birth.
The temple has subsidiary shrines dedicated to manifestations of Shiva and Mother Goddess. Ganesha and Muruga are also worshipped in the temple.
Thiruthuraipoondi Temple and Ashwini Nakshatra

The temple is also associated with the Ashwini Nakshatra. Those people born in Ashwini Nakshatra offer prayers here to get relief from horoscope related problems. Special pujas are offer…

Sage Narada Advice to Yudhishtira

Grieve not for anyone. This world is entirely in the hands in the Lord. He is the one Who brings people together; makes them live together for a while and then part forever.
Consider the bullock. The master pierces its nostrils and threads a rope through it. He then loads the back of the animal with the burden it has to carry. The bullock has to move in the direction in which the master pulls the rope and it has to carry the burden the master chooses to place on its back. It has no choice in the matter. Even so, man is tied by the ropes whose names are Rules of Conduct: Dharma.
Propelled by Dharma man carries to the Home of the Lord the burdens imposed on him. No man is free to do as he pleases.
When a child plays with toys he brings a few of them together, plays with them for a while and separates them as suits his whim. Even so, human beings are brought together in this world and they are parted by the wish of the Lord.
Consider the essential truth about the life of every human b…