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Goddess Pochamma - Information About Goddess Pochamma

Goddess Pochamma is widely worshipped in the Telangana and in certain parts of Andhra Pradesh. She is the Mother who protects people from all kinds of diseases; she protects their wealth and she saves them from enemies. Goddess Pochamma temples are found in most villages in Telangana and she is a guardian deity.

The most important festival associated with Goddess Pochamma is the Bonalu festival which is observed in the month of Ashada (July – August).

There are no restrictions to the offerings that can be made to Pochamma. She accepts anything that the devotee offers.

Most of the temples of Pochamma are without priests. A person can approach the deity personally and offer prayers.

Goddess Pochamma is worshipped along with Maisamma.

Potharaju of Bonalu festival is also linked to Goddess Pochamma.